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What Display System? Exhibition Panel and Display Board Solutions for Hire

Exhibition and Display Board problems solved.

It is probably best to consider first whether you are running an event for others to promote their organisations or whether you are presenting yours to others. If you are an event organiser there are two types of exhibition boards which may be relevant.

Fresco Panel and Pole SystemIf you are seeking to give your clients individual booths or provide a "shell-scheme" our Fresco system is ideal. Normally built to six or seven feet in height there are a number ofdisplay panel widths. Lighting can be provided as well as name boards if required. These fit on the top of the exhibition boards.

At some conferences delegates may need to present their ideas or work in a fairly compact way. Here our elevated panel and pole system is ideal. It allows individual display panels to be provided although it is possible to link them and to form walk around units if required.

Elevated Panel and Pole SystemThese exhibition panels are either one metre square or we do have some which are 1200 mm wide. If your delegates are presenting posters we can advise on the appropriate boards.

If you need to present your own organisation at an event either of the above exhibition systems could be appropriate but there are some other possibilities.

Sculpture Gantry System




The Fresco panel and pole system has an associated gantry system called Sculpture. It can have its own built-in low voltage lighting system and definitely adds another dimension to your display.

A wide range of accessories for the display boards are available including doors, table-tops, shelves and literature holders.