Accessories for Display Board Systems and Exhibition Stands for Hire

Some accessories are available for all of the display board systems; these are lighting and literature holders.

The pop-up display unit can have 150 watt halogen lamps and a range of sizes of literature holders.

Our main panel and pole display boards can have compact 50 watt “Hi-spot” lighting or 200 watt halogen units. This display system can also have a range of literature holders as well as shelving which is suitable for literature (angled) or products (flat).

We have table tops and doors, both cupboard and full-height, available for this Fresco panel and pole exhibition system. This allows the assembly of cupboards and plinths as well as offices. There are also Perspex panels to allow enclosed display areas or office windows to be provided for the exhibition stand.

With the range of possibilities with this display system we are always very pleased to have the opportunity of explaining how it can be tailored to your needs.

A series of round display plinths can also be hired with diameters of 500, 700 and 800mm. They have blue material sides to which flexible graphics can be attached using Velcro.